Author: Stefanie Johnson

House of consumer credit

What is a credit house? A credit house or credit company is a financial institution that can find consumer credit. Often these credit agencies specialize in personal loans and only offer these products. However, there is an incalculable number, especially on the internet. Increased competition is present and it can sometimes be difficult to see […]


Leasing: how the finance lease works

Leasing , known in Italian as a finance lease , is a form of contract that allows the use of an asset for professional or commercial purposes, with the possibility of purchasing the property at the end of the contract. According to the Italian legal system, this is one of the so-called “new contracts”, which […]


Credit Consolidation

Your budget can finally breathe thanks to the grouping of credits ! If you have several credits in progress, bringing them all together to have more than one to manage can be interesting. It can become a real financial aid and a really advantageous operation. By definition, this is exactly what a pool of credits […]


Mini loans without payroll and small loans

Mini loans are small loans that can be used to pay for a holiday, buy an appliance or for other immediate uses. In fact, when a loan is requested it is not always aimed at obtaining a considerable amount: many times, the need for immediate liquidity responds to a need in the short term and […]


Real estate leasing: the calculation of the installments on the first home

Real estate leasing for the first home has become a new opportunity for citizens thanks to the 2016 Stability Law, which introduced some tax benefits for the use of this contract. The lease for the use of a property works in the same way as the financial lease (The other names with which this form […]