Credit Consolidation

Your budget can finally breathe thanks to the grouping of credits !

If you have several credits in progress, bringing them all together to have more than one to manage can be interesting. It can become a real financial aid and a really advantageous operation. By definition, this is exactly what a pool of credits allows.

While grouping loans makes it easier for you to manage your budget on a daily basis, it allows you to significantly reduce the amount of your monthly payments.

Regardless of the loans you have contracted, offers you through a group of credits, formulas that fit your budget. Whether you have taken out a credit for the purchase of a new smartphone, a new motorcycle or furniture for your home, the credit grouping can be for you! With a new monthly payment , managing your budget is easier and your daily life easier.

In which configurations can we consider a credit consolidation?

In which configurations can we consider a credit consolidation?

Different situations lend themselves particularly well to this practice, ideal to optimize its monthly budget!

In order to gain purchasing power each month, it is a good idea to consider credit consolidation. For example, for people who have an existing mortgage, this practice can sometimes renegotiate interest advantageously, and thus earn money. More generally, this method gives the possibility of modulating the repayment monthly payments according to its current situation, and its payment capacities. In the event of a salary increase or an event that increases the family’s resources, one can also redeem one’s borrowings to increase the monthly payments and thus finish repayments faster than expected. Whatever your needs, if you think that the credit consolidation can benefit you, ask the advice of a broker!

How to spend less money each month?

How to spend less money each month?

Some simple tips, such as insurance audit, change of telephone company and credit pool really work.

Without changing your lifestyle and without ever giving up comfort, it is quite possible to reduce your monthly expenses. For example, many individuals accumulate insurance contracts (automobile, liability, home, etc.) without really knowing their coverage. It may be interesting to request an insurance audit to see how contracts can be reworked to optimize spending. In addition, regarding Internet and telephony, it is sometimes possible to have the same services at lower rates: do not hesitate to play the competition to spend less! Finally, if you have several loans in progress, be aware that the credit consolidation can give you the opportunity to change your monthly payments and, thus, to have more money available for your home.

There is nothing simpler than to apply for a credit consolidation on the site. We explain in a few lines how to proceed!

You do not need to move to make your credit consolidation file with : everything is done on the Internet, completely dematerialized. On the site interface, start by clicking on “Credit Redemption”. In the “amount to borrow”, enter the amount corresponding to all the refunds you want to cumulate between them. Then select a number of monthly payments. Automatically, you get a proposal with an APR and a total to pay, as well as the amount of your monthly payment. You can change the number of monthly payments to adjust maturities to your repayment capabilities. Then, simply continue your request by entering your details, credit information and income. We will come back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a credit consolidation and a cash reserve?

What is the difference between a credit consolidation and a cash reserve?

Both services are offered by , but they meet different needs.

The money reserve, available from your credit broker , leaves you a capital available, which you can mobilize freely without ever having to justify yourself. The amount you borrow can be used partially or totally, depending on your needs. Refunds, meanwhile, are done at a pace that can be customized, to avoid getting in trouble. These allow to fill again the reserve of money and to offer you a real autonomy. Credit consolidation is a completely different practice: here, you have to buy several loans to better manage your budget and adjust the monthly payments. Many other services are available at , such as mortgage or consumer credit.

Decrease your monthly payments thanks to the grouping of credits

Decrease your monthly payments thanks to the grouping of credits

You have signed several loan agreements and you find it hard to find in your various loans and their monthly payments? So, we should think of a grouping of credits ! Indeed, this one will allow you to better manage your finances and especially to bring you a non-negligible help.

In our time, there are many opportunities to borrow money and we are increasingly forced to take multiple loans simultaneously. Whether to become an owner, to replace his car, his washing machine, his TV, his smartphone, his laptop … to do extension work, development or renovation in his house, his apartment or even , his garden, to pay the studies of his children or even to go on vacation. The opportunities are many and it is not always easy to calculate the total cost of these loans: the cumulation of the interest of these isolated loans is sometimes a bad surprise not anticipated correctly.

group of credit for your credits

And if the pooling of credits was the solution to lighten your expenses? With a pool of credits, you make the choice to collect all your loans or just a few. You can group your installment loans (car financing, work / renovation loan, personal loan) and your credit lines in a single credit and therefore only one monthly payment to settle.

At , we propose to consolidate your loans and buy them back so that you have only one loan. Thanks to ‘s credit consolidation, your life is simpler and your monthly payments are greatly reduced.

Note, however, that the total cost of the loan may become higher as a result of extending the term of the new credit.

What is a grouping of credits exactly?

A combination of credits , or also called credit redemption , or more rarely consolidation or credit restructuring, is a financial solution to mitigate debt and help the consumer to repay his credit more easily. The purpose of such a product is to decrease the monthly amount to be refunded. How? This is to collect several credits in one, if possible with a lower rate. It is therefore a solution regularly used in the context of the consolidation of consumer credit . In general, to reduce monthly payments, the repayment period is obviously longer. In short, you are replacing all of your short-term debt with one big long-term debt.

What are the benefits of buying back credits

What are the benefits of buying back credits

Gathering your loans in one loan makes financial management easier on a daily basis:

  • A single loan, a single monthly payment and a single contact
  • A fixed rate, a repayment period and a fixed monthly amount
  • Easy repayment management
  • An essential choice:
    • Lighten the amount of its monthly payments by extending the duration of the loan
    • Decrease the duration of the credit by increasing your monthly repayments & in this case,
  • Save money by reducing the total cost of the loan
  • A better balanced budget and better adapted management thanks to the refinancing of your credits

The grouping of credits, is this done for me?

The grouping of credits, is this done for me?

From now on, you have understood what is concretely a grouping of credits . You may be wondering about the possibility for you to benefit from it. Can you ask for one? Is this the best solution in your situation? In fact, in order to benefit from a grouping of credits, the conditions are identical to those of obtaining any loan. That is to say ; Be over 18 years of age, reside in Belgium, collect regular income and not be registered in the National Bank of Belgium’s payment incident file. Fulfilling these conditions should not be too restrictive for you.

If you have several credits, no matter which, you can benefit from a purchase of credits . It works in cases where you have an installment loan, a new car leasing, a store credit card or any other loan … Whether to become a homeowner, buy a car, replace your home appliances broke down, go on vacation, pay for the education of his children, or simply pay his bills, the opportunities to get into debt are unfortunately common today. In the event that your monthly payments have become too high and you find it difficult to repay your loan, the grouping of credits is certainly the solution that you need.

If you want to know if a loan consolidation is the best solution for your financial situation of over-indebtedness, you should call a professional. It establishes an analysis of your financial situation and advises you at best to relieve your daily life.

In short, the grouping of credits is for you if:

  • You have taken out a variety of loans: financing a vehicle, working in your home, a consumer credit ( consolidation of consumer credit ), a cash reserve or cards in stores. ..
  • You have trouble managing your daily budget and have trouble repaying your monthly payments that have become too high for your household.
  • You want to be able to adjust the amount of your monthly repayments to your income.

With , simplifying and managing your budget is possible thanks to the pooling of credits.

Why choose for your credit pool in Belgium ?

Why choose for your credit pool in Belgium ?

Always committed to offering solutions tailored to the expectations and real needs of our customers, we guarantee at , a tailor-made service and personalized offers. Our consultants are true credit experts with a strong experience in the field. With this expertise, they can manage your requests efficiently, quickly and discreetly. They are at your disposal to advise you, manage your administrative procedures and take care of everything if necessary. If you wish, they can also go to your home to sign the file if you have trouble moving.

Being independent of any financial institution, we are suddenly completely objective in our advice. Our goal is to define the most appropriate solution for you, reduce your monthly repayments and simplify the management of your budget.

We are also convinced that transparency is paramount. That’s why before any contract signing, you will have all the necessary information in your hands. For a grouping of credits, you will know the total price to repay, the duration of the repayment and the amount of your monthly payments. These data are fixed, so no surprises!

a repurchase of credit

Good reasons to trust for a pool of credits:

  • helps you find the best solution for your needs and reduce your monthly payments
  • manages all the administrative procedures for you
  • Before any commitment, lets you know exactly the total cost, but also the duration and the monthly payment of your group of credits
  • A advisor is at your disposal to make a discreet study of your file.
  • And at your request, it moves for free at home, even in the evening, for the signature of the file.
  • In the end, you find a balanced budget.

What is the rate for a credit pool?

What is the rate for a credit pool?

At , as in all other credit institutions, the APR (Global Annual Effective Rate) varies according to different parameters: the duration of the credit agreement, the total cost, the annual fixed debit rate and the payment terms. At , the APR varies around 10%. To get a concrete idea, let’s take an example. If you make a credit consolidation for a total amount of € 20,000 over 5 years, you will pay € 525.78 per month. In this case, the rate is indeed 9.99%. You will eventually refund € 31,546.80.

Is it better to take out insurance for my credit pool?

Purchasing “outstanding balance” insurance is not mandatory, but at we strongly recommend it. You may be wondering about its usefulness; “What is it exactly for? This allows you to repay your credit safely and protect your loved ones in case of problems. It is actually an insurance that protects you in the event of death or total disability. In this case, instead of it being your family who inherits your debts, it is the insurance which will take care of the repayment of the loan monthly payments.

Can I change the terms of my contract during the credit?

If you wish, you can repay your credit in advance, partially or totally. You can do this at any time and this will have an impact on the amount of your monthly payments or the duration of the repayment.


We’ve just given you an example, but to get a true idea of ​​the true cost of your credit pool, use our credit redemption simulation tool. It will allow you to realize the possibilities of redemption for your financial situation. To do this, simply drag the first button to the total amount you have to repay. Then play with the second slider to see the possibilities of amount to be paid back each month depending on the duration of this repayment. Do not wait to use it! The simulation of credit consolidation is very fast, simple, free and without commitment.

How to apply for credit consolidation?

That’s it ! You have done a good job, you have evaluated the pros and cons, you have carried out a credit consolidation simulation on our site and you have decided to make a consolidation of credits ! You may be wondering now what are the steps you need to take to apply? It’s very simple, follow us!

Once your simulation is satisfactory, you can start the credit pooling process . To do this, several solutions are available to you.

First, you can directly complete an online loan consolidation application. As soon as the simulation suits you, just click on the “request online” button and answer the questions on the form. You will then be contacted again for a basic answer if your information is complete.

If you want to get in touch directly with one of our advisors to ask your questions, you can contact us on 0800 / 99.541. Visit also one of our branches located everywhere in Belgium (Brussels, Charleroi, Liège, Mons, Namur, Nivelles, Antwerp, Hasselt) or in one of our Crefilux branches in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Windhof, Ettelbruck and Esch-sur-Alzette). Our advisors will receive you with pleasure to inform you and offer you an offer tailored to your needs and expectations.

Why seek the help of a broker to obtain a pool of credit? This professional acts to consolidate the file of its customers and find them the most comfortable offers.

A grouping of credit makes it possible to cumulate all the loans in one, in order to pay only one monthly payment to the same interlocutor. This simplifies the management of the budget, but it is also an operation that can be considered to increase its purchasing power. Indeed, it is quite possible to extend the duration of the contract, to reduce the weight of monthly payments. In general, to find the best offer, it is better to get closer to the services of a broker, whose prospecting is the specialty. He will be able to identify the most relevant partner for each case, and will even defend the consumer’s file if the establishment is skeptical. The broker knows how to distinguish false promises from real beneficial offers. He works on all the editing of the file, which reduces the heaviness of the process for the consumer.

Using a pool of credit in many different situations can benefit: find out why this solution deserves to be explored in detail.


You have trouble paying your loans every month, you can use this practice to extend the duration of the contract, to reduce the weight of monthly payments and increase your purchasing power. Conversely, if you now have better repayment capabilities, do not hesitate to listen to the contract to increase monthly payments, and finish faster with the loan. The institution that repurchases the credits is an intermediary: it collects the same amount every month, and then pays it to all the organizations with which you have taken out a loan. In order to get an idea of ​​what such an operation can bring you, do a simulation on the Internet.

Since the rates are particularly attractive, one borrows not only to buy a house, but also to follow his studies, go on vacation or buy a car: the grouping of credit becomes interesting.

A credit broker since 1980, has observed changes in consumer practices. Lower interest rates naturally encourage easier access to credit. Even though we used these external funds mainly to own a house a few years ago, we now use it willingly to equip a new car, go abroad or even to offer brand new high-tech equipment through installment loans. Finally, when you have several credits to repay each month, it seems appropriate to carry out a credit consolidation . This is a service offered by , always anxious to submit the most profitable rates and conditions to each of its customers. Do not hesitate to contact us to know our offers.

The grouping of credit in Belgium makes it possible to have only one interlocutor for all its loans: choose , a human company which stands at your disposal to advise you.

If you need a real contact and a single point of contact for the repayment of all your current loans, apply for brokers, who have been active in their business since 1980. This company offers the group of credit, which helps regularly thousands of families to better control their budget. In addition, our human approach is a strong asset: if need be, you can meet us in one of our branches in Belgium or in the territory of Luxembourg. In addition, our phone line, which you can call for free, is open evenings and weekends. If you are doing a loan simulation online, we are also committed to responding to you within 24 hours. In short, we present ourselves as a human specialist, available and flexible for the management of all your financing.

How to know your borrowing capacity?

How to know your borrowing capacity?

This calculation is done by all institutions before granting you a loan, whether you are looking for an installment loan, real estate financing or a pool of credits.

The definition of borrowing capacity is simple to understand: it is the amount you can spend each month to repay a loan. Institutions use this data to grant you – or refuse – a request for a consumer loan, car loan, mortgage loan or even a loan consolidation. Most often, it is estimated that the cost / income ratio should be 50%. For example, consider that the net amount to be repaid each month must be less than or equal to 33% of your total income. Of course, the ability to borrow also depends on age, because on a large loan, we can reduce the monthly payments by extending the contract. In this way, the borrowing capacity is revised upward.

Why is it advisable to use a broker for a mortgage loan or a loan consolidation?

Why is it advisable to use a broker for a mortgage loan or a loan consolidation?

Discover the advantages of this initiative which will be profitable for you.

Because they can easily make several loan applications themselves on the Internet, many families are considering real estate financing or bundling credit alone. However, they have every interest in using the services of a broker: explanations. This professional plays the role of intermediary between the lender and the borrower. He assumes all the work of negotiation to have the best rate possible, and the terms of repayment the most favorable. These experts are independents who have no connection with particular institutions: their sole purpose is to serve the interests of their customers, the consumers. In addition, since the universe of credits is administratively complex, the help of this person will be useful in order to understand all the steps and to avoid some common mistakes.

If you have difficulties in repaying your loans (mortgage loan, consumer loan, etc.), recommends you to use credit consolidation, which will offer you new flexibility each month.

Some unplanned events can put families in difficulty: loans taken several years ago, for conventional consumer purchases or real estate acquisitions, can become complex to repay. In this particular case, we invite households to request for the purpose of pooling loans. This new loan will allow to cumulate all the contracts between them, and to have only one interlocutor for all the refunds. The signatory will obtain a single monthly payment, which he can modulate according to his own payment capacities (he will decrease them by lengthening the duration of the contract if necessary). With the help of our qualified experts, you can access personalized advice to find the financial peace you need.

Can we project ourselves in the long term, through a mortgage loan or a new group of credits, when we are over 55 years old? brings you his answer.

Loans, although they are always easier to obtain when you are young, active and that you declare regular income, are not closed to retirees, on the contrary! At , our brokers frequently advise people over the age of 55 for loan consolidation, and sometimes even new mortgages over more than 10 years. Many borrowers are 60 years old and older and this is not a problem. studies cases on a case-by-case basis and age does not count towards our criteria: ask for a complete analysis of your situation and we will try, whatever your age, to find solutions adapted to your capacity your resources and wishes.

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