House of consumer credit

What is a credit house?

A credit house or credit company is a financial institution that can find consumer credit. Often these credit agencies specialize in personal loans and only offer these products.

However, there is an incalculable number, especially on the internet. Increased competition is present and it can sometimes be difficult to see clearly in the middle of all the offers of the market. Most of the time, these credit houses offer promotional offers at attractive interest rates.

These banks are also required to check your creditworthiness, that is, your ability to repay the loan.

How to find a consumer loan with a credit company?


Consumer credit companies allow you to find quickly, especially if you search the internet. Many players offer non-voucher consumption credits where the subscription process is simplified.

In addition, all loan companies have the same obligations in terms of the duty to inform consumers. Some information must be presented on a standardized form:

  • The nature of the personal loan;
  • The duration ;
  • The annual percentage rate of charge (APR);
  • The total cost of the loan;
  • The number of monthly payments and their amounts.

As a reminder, you have a reflection period of 15 days after the offer has been submitted and a withdrawal period of 7 days after the signature of the contract!

Compare credits consolidation to find the best credit house

Compare credits consolidation to find the best credit house

The best solution for finding the best credit company is to compare consumer credits directly online on Philip For free, just fill out a questionnaire about your Philip Careyment project so that our partner will interview the various personal loan houses.

Different offers of credits consolidation will then be proposed by the various credit houses partners. You will then have to make your choice based on your project, your needs, your profile and consumer credit conditions.